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Friday, June 8, 2012

New Summer 2012

New Blog Posts up, hop on over to and check it out!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

First, I want to mention for those that missed the initial post that I've moved my blog over to . So, if you've missed that announcement, I'd love for you to pop on over and follow me so you do not miss any updates. I'm also on Facebook and Twitter
Thanks so much for your support!

I wanted to leave a quick “Hello” since I have not been blogging (or creating) much lately.
However, I have been keeping busy with school and nurturing my two beautiful children.  I’m looking so forward to Summer and all that it encompasses; creating, appreciating nature (BEACH) and just a slower pace in general.  I look forward to having more time to work on my blog, share and introduce you to some new projects that I hope to be working on.
Have an awesome week and keep smiling!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Making the Move to Wordpress!

I've migrated my Blogger blog posts over to my new Wordpress page. I've yet to refine my theme so you'll find post subjects from Food and Handmade to my personal musings, family events and more.
I'm still getting the hang of things over there but look forward to communicating with you, getting feedback and sharing inspiration.
Hope you will continue to follow my blog and comment. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Encinitas Sizzling Summer Street Fair

Fun Sunday spent offering my jewelry designs in Encinitas at the Sizzling Summer Market.  Awesome musicians, dancers and artists. My friend Danielle attended with me to assist me with my booth (Thank you!).  

Here are a few photos I managed to snap while there:

We had a great time and look forward to participating next year.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Disneyland on a Dime (Only in a Dream)

Our family just enjoyed three days of Disney fun at Disneyland and Disneyland California Adventure Parks in Anaheim, California.  The weather was perfect, neither too hot or too cold.  People were happy and friendly, for the most part. Our kids certainly did have a few melt downs due to fatigue.

I wanted to share a few things we really enjoyed and some of the things we would do differently on our next visit.

What we got right:
1) Disneyland Southern California Resident 3 day Park Hopper Tickets
2) Make use of "Fast Pass" feature in the park
2) Transit Passes
3) Inexpensive Accommodations

What we would do differently:
1) Motel room with a refrigerator, packing lunches (PB&J all the way).  We had a few snacks but sandwiches for the kids would of been a good choice.  Otherwise, eating out is easier and can be done wisely.  Skipping kids meals and sharing the larger portioned meals was most economical.
2) NO souvenirs, if any, until the last day! Make this a rule the children understand prior to first walking past the Disney Gate.
3) Refill your water bottles in the Disneyland drinking fountains, the water tastes great.  If you want ice, ask any store in Disneyland that has a soda fountain for a cup of ice and they will gladly give you one- free of charge.  We drank so much water and went through several expensive bottles.
4) If you have three days to play, it's okay to go back to the hotel for a 2 hour nap or just to let the kids rest up, clear their little minds of all the stimulation Disneyland provides.

And well, that is about it.  I'd never spent more than a day at Disneyland so this really was a treat for our family.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Annual Flower Show April Event

This year I participated in Old Poway Parks (San Diego County, California) Annual Flower Show and Art Festival.  It was the first time I had an entire booth space to myself, tent and all.

Honestly prep for the booth was fun.  The main anxiety was caused by worrying that I had a good selection of pieces for shoppers to choose from.

Overall, it went really well.  It was a beautiful and very warm day.  Shoppers were few and I'm guessing had it been a bit busier it would of been wonderful as far as income but I do find it difficult to juggle multiple shoppers and sales transactions simultaneously.  I'd love feedback from my seasoned market participants on how they manage this with the least stress and the best level of attention to each client.  Feel free to share in the comments section!

I ordered a lovely and modest sized banner with my URL and business name but was not prepared to display it properly.  At the size I ordered it would of been best encased in a thin frame to hold it's shape (envision flapping in the wind) or (as my friend Sue suggested, and now I understand more clearly) printed vertically and placed on a freestanding frame and stand would of been better.

Otherwise, I felt well prepared and must thank my husband, David, for helping me with set up (putting up the heavy booth tent and setting up my tables).  He also took care of the kiddos, supplied lunch and drinks and even watched my stall for a bit so I could browse the other booths.  Those lovely handcrafted wood displays are also courtesy of him. Thank you, David! (and a little promo plug

My first two day event is coming up and I will only have two tables, possibly against a wall so my focus will be on display height to maximize my space.

All in all I'd say it was a successful market, a learning experience and I'm definitely looking forward to my next show in May. For event dates you can check out my Calender on my website at

Check out my fun photos including my neighbors, husband and wife partners Dennis and Leslie of DC Woodcrafts in Poway.  They have awesome handcrafted upcycled/recycled hardwood creations. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Friday Faves and Finds

Last week we focused on home furnishing and this week I get to choose some awesome handcrafted items for children.
Etsy has so many great toys, clothing and accessories, room decor and much more for the little ones.

Here are just a very few of my favorites:

For the stylish tot you cannot go wrong decking her out in selections from Teeny Bunny on Etsy.
Here is a gorgeous 40's Inspired Dress and Hat ensemble ($140USD):
Give your little boy or girl something they will cherish and love to snuggle like a handcrafted Waldorf Inspired Doll(starting at $35USD) by Veelana on Etsy:
 Or a cute crocheted critter by Rosie's Bears and Bitty Creatures on Etsy:
For a special occasion or ever day wear for little and big girls alike shop Chloe and Maddie on Etsy:
Snow Princess Headband ($25.95USD)
 Create a woodland hideout for your little prince or princess with wall decals (from $48USD) by The Kinky Wall Studio on Etsy:

Next weeks Finds will be Anything Goes so nominate your handcrafted favorites in comments below:

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Friday Faves and Finds

Yes, I know it's Sunday.  Despite the delay in posting, I'm sharing is this Fridays Faves and Finds for you to enjoy.

Last Friday I'd posted that this week I would focus on Home Furnishings.  I did not get any nominations so I had to come up with all my own selections, which was very easy to do.
With Spring now here I'm attracted to light woods and fabrics.

This 4 poster bed from the Pastiche Collection ($6200USD) by HLevine Design on Etsy can be custom made and using reclaimed and salvaged hardwoods. Beautiful:
A gorgeous Venice Chest ($975USD) by Stil Novo Design on Etsy made using reclaimed wine barrels would look perfect at the foot of your new bed:
I'd add these light and airy White Ruffled Curtains ($80USD) by Paula And Erika on Etsy:
A perfect place to sit and catch up on my reading would be on one of these cozy armchairs cleverly covered in vintage coffee bean bags ($622USD ships within Ireland)  by Blanaid on Etsy:
And just to complete my Spring retreat I'd have to add a calming piece of artwork like this piece titled Village In Spring Rain (8x10 $20USD) by Bleu Herron Designs on Etsy:
Hope you enjoyed these selections!
Next weeks Finds will be hand crafted items for children so be sure to include your nominations here in the comments.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What are Feta Fries?

Well, after posting my breakfast this morning I mentioned to some friends I'd made Feta Fries for lunch.
What are Feta Fries?!!!!                
Just some awesome fresh baked fries with a bit of salt and herbed feta melted atop! Yum!
Now if I could just get as motivated about my Pilates DVD propped up as a reminder on my television.

Happy Spring! Starting the Day off Right

First of all, Happy Spring!
I just had to share my breakfast (it looks so pretty). Yes, not the most important occasion but a great way to begin my day.  Frozen Gluten Free Waffles (Trader Joes), plain unsweetened yogurt, agave nectar and berries! Mmm, good!  

Spring is here and in Southern California we are just getting some light showers, birds are busy twittering away and flowers are beginning to bloom.  It seems everyone is enjoying the slight but lovely changes coming about. Just took these pictures in my back yard this morning:

Hope you enjoy this Spring 2011 and enjoyed having a peek at my breakfast! 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Faves and Finds

Finds and Faves: Fiber Art and Accessories 
I love the awesome selection of fiber arts and crafts on Etsy. The hand spun yarns in beautiful colors are hard to resist even if you don't know what you'd do with them. 
Here are a few favorite finds(it was so difficult to edit as I could of easily added more finds):
Who would not want to be wrapped up in this luxurious handwoven Turkish bath towel ($24USD) by All Organic Textiles on Etsy:
I would be happy to slip into a comfy pair of Apple Green Guillerminas ($55USD) by Lepiedleger on Etsy:
Don't forget your man (you can "borrow" it too) with a Dude Scarf ($39USD and up) from Iwunder on Etsy:
Check out this lovely felted handbag ($175USD/ optional colors) from Maddy And Me on Etsy:
Also living near the beach how could I resist sharing this adorable 
Amigurumi Manatee ($19.00 USD) from

From Nominations I loved this felted rose that can be worn in hair or as a necklace ($56.32USD) by AVAOriginal on Etsy:
And one more from last weeks nominations this wonderful embroidered piece ($125USD) from Porterness on Etsy:
Do you have a favorite fiber artist? Share in comments.
Next week's finds will be Home Furnishings! Be sure to place your nominations here.
And as a side note don't miss out on your chance to win a Gift Certificate in my shop! Click to enter.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tomorrow is Friday Faves and Finds!
Click here to submit your nominations (in the comment section):

Seen & Heard Thursdays Quotes, Inspirations, Aspirations, Declarations

 These are so fun. Feel free to comment and add your own.
Charlie on Twitter~   "Time for a cup of tea.... in a land where coffee is king !"
Abby on Twitter~
"I should get back into working out. I don't want to, so probably won't, but I should all the same." 

Fashion Quotes on Twitter~
“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” Coco Chanel

Dalai Lama on Twitter~
"As well as restraining ourselves from negative thoughts and emotions, we need to cultivate and reinforce our positive qualities."

Vicki Diane on Facebook ~
"This worked for me today. To become calmer in our lives.
A tv Doc this a.m said the way to achieve inner peace is to finish what you start.
So far Ive finished off a bottle of Sangria, a bottle of Bubbly,
bodle of Baileys -butle of wum, pockage of nits, tha mainder of my Prozic and Valiuminun scriptins,
the res of the chezescke & bix a ...chocletz.
Yu haf no idr how bludy fablus I feel rite now.
Hippy Mundy All !"

Jeanette on Facebook ~  
"Facebook is like hangin out naked in a creepy guy's overcrowded hot tub while he tapes it. Twitter is like peeing into a vast ocean of word." -Jon Roy

 KB on Facebook~ 
‎"When I get there, then I'll be happy" is not a productive mind set because unless you are happy, you cannot get there." Abe-Hicks.

Monday, March 14, 2011


I'm hosting a Facebook Giveaway Event on my Fan Page
Super excited to have reached 200 sales in my online Shop! Also, about to hit 200 fans here on Facebook and 100 followers on my blog! That's a great reason to celebrate. I'm going to by giving away a $25 Gift Certificate to use however you'd like in my shop!

To enter click this link: FaceBook GIVEAWAY

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday Faves and Finds

This Friday's Faves and Finds: Wall Art

Wall Art is a must in every home.  We surround ourselves by things we find beautiful, inspirational or have some sort of personal meaning to us.
Here are a few pieces I've found on Etsy that I love:

This piece by Jessica Grundy of SoloCosmo on Etsy caught my eye right away
and I think it is just beautiful

This acrylic piece by  Devika Keskar of DevikasArt on Etsy 
 is so vibrant and uplifting, I could envision this in our family room

I've always adored mermaids and anything with an ocean or beachy theme so 
I was immediately drawn to this piece by Shelby Leni of GreenBomb on Etsy
And I found some favorites among the nominated artists on last fridays finds which include
Bicycle Poetry by Jennifer Lommers of Jenlo262 on Etsy
Isn't this just lovely!
And a bit of inspiration with this print by Ginger Oliphant of GoingPlaces2 on Etsy
Search Etsy to find Wall Art to brighten up your home and likely your life!
Next weeks Friday Finds and Faves will be Fiber Art and Accessories. Feel free to nominate yourself or a favorite here in your comments!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Seen & Heard Thursdays Quotes, Inspirations, Aspirations, Declarations

On Facebook, Twitter and speaking with friends, while reading I'm always running across statements and quotes that I feel are impressive or just so silly they make my day. 

I'm going to select one or two each day and share them for all to enjoy.  Here we go:

A Tea bag
"You can run after satisfaction, but satisfaction must come from within."
mommyniri/Nirasha on Twitter
"Here's the plan, pretend it is late, feed them and put them to bed. Don't any of you rat on me!" ~ GREAT PLAN!

 blogdangerously/Kit on Twitter
"I patted my husband's stomach asking "When is the baby due?" He patted my ass & asked, "Twins?" Then I slugged him for being twice as mean." ~ I would have done the same.

Wednesday On Facebook via Heather
"Note to self: Don't eat chili while watching "Bones". Eww." ~  Heather, I agree!

“To keep our balance, we must constantly shift” ~ Yeah, forgot where I read this...tea bag?
Susan on Facebook

"Is on a Mission.The magic leprechaun told me to follow the pink racehorse to the rainbow where the orange elephant is holding my skittles hostage!!!!" ~ Alrighty then!

Hope you enjoy!Stay tune for my next Week In Review  
and feel free to comment and share a favorite quote or something inspirational, amusing you heard this week: 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Faves and Finds

I always run across handmade items that I cannot stop thinking about. I've decided to do a weekly post featuring these finds.
This Fridays Faves and Finds are focusing on Zipper Pouches! I just love them and can never have too many. How about you?

Here are some favorite finds:
This beautiful Spring Leaf pouch ($14US) is from OriginalMischief on Etsy
And I love this Petite Wristlet ($19.99US) by Janine King Designs on Etsy mainly because I'm a big fan of the artwork of the artist she collaborates with: Megan Duncanson of Madart on Etsy
This zipper pouch in black and white with a hot pink interior ($13US) by Jenna Belle Designs on Etsy is just the right size(check out her awesome blog too if your a fan of sewing (It's A Sewing Life):
 And finally an awesome pleated floral pouch ($22US) from A Stones Throw on Etsy who also has awesome wallets:

You can never have enough of these and this is such a small selection of the abundance of wonderful creations available on Etsy.  Just log in and search Coin purse, zipper pouch, wristlet...and check out the selection.

Next Friday Finds will be on Wall Art. Do you have some favorite artists you'd like me to include? 
Add your nominations in the comment thread below and I'll choose some of my favorites.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Do Make Things

Sometimes it seems like I'm never finding time to create. And when I do I sell a piece before I can list it in my online Etsy shop or just never get around to it. Today I did list a few new earrings.
I'm looking forward to sunny Spring and Summer days and my designs really fit these two seasons.  I tend to be attracted to rustic earthy materials, stones and copper. Most silver I get my hands on I cannot resist oxidizing (antiquing).  So here are a few new earrings and feel free to visit my Online Shop
I also have two new regular features that I will be posting weekly on my blog (hint: will be featuring other artists/finds/inspirations) so check back to find out what I'm up to!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Overwhelmed by Handbags, Totes, Purses

Well, I cannot be the only one who is always grabbing a tote to throw in the days essentials (work, craft, current reading material, snacks). And, I'm certainly not the only one who forgets about that tote a day later only to fill another. Right?

Today I was moving the contents of my current handbag into my "Spring" handbag and noticed I needed something to hold all of my little odds and ends. Where is that zipper pouch? The search lead me to this:
 So, a new project on my "To Do List" today is to clean out and organize all of my totes and handbags.
Look around, do you have the same chaos happening inside your purses and pouches?  Why not add this to your "To Do List" before it becomes...overwhelming?

Monday, February 21, 2011


 I had my day planned out.
Get the kids to school, coffee, check email, a bit of social media fun, pack my one order and then create!
 I did well until I got to the "and then create" part.
Some days I can completely dive in to a project and the ideas just keep coming.  On other days, like today, nothing. I stare and ponder and take several unnecessary breaks.
Well, if inspiration is not going to come to me I need to search it out.  So, I spent a bit of time looking at images of nature, jewelry (loved a beautiful gemstone necklace I saw on a model recently in pink, lavender and yellow) and things I love, beads I have in my inventory and pieces I've created before. Even furniture and fabric can inspire me to create a new piece. 
Nothing was finished today! However, tomorrow! Tomorrow, I plan on a breakthrough!
So, stay tuned (haha).
What obstacles do you find when trying to work at home? What do you do to keep focused, motivated, inspired? Please comment and share.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Antiquing Silver and Copper With Eggs

Did you know...

You can oxidize your copper and silver with Hard Boiled Eggs to give it an antiqued look?
It is the method I used originally to oxidize my copper and sterling silver for my jewelry designs.  
The effects are always a bit different and it may take a few attempts to get the color you like.  
Now I use Liver of Sulfur (LOS) which does the same thing but you get results much more quickly.

Antiquing Method that Works
You need copper or silver wire
A glass jar 
Wire Wisk
Two to three eggs

1. Prepare jar by suspending via lid (you can drop right into egg
mix, you'll just have to scrub the egg off after you've oxidized)
2. Hardboil eggs (boil additional 8 minutes after
water has begun to boil)
3. Use a wire wisk to crush *still hot* eggs (shell and all) into jar
4. Add wire and close lid tightly
5. Wait and watch. Will take hours or overnight depending
on how dark you want the metal to get.  You may have to 
boil your eggs and take a second attempt if it does not get
dark enough (I've found the older the eggs the better it works)
 And the results using egg (the bright copper will still oxidize over time naturally 
unless it is coated with a special material)
Hope you found this an interesting read if not fun!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bloom Where You Are Planted

"Bloom where your planted!"

This phrase has developed new meaning for me recently.  It makes sense.  Maybe it's age, experience or just a different understanding of the term.

I've decided I need to bloom where I'm planted and stop looking for a change to make things better.  It's not a huge life changing move or decision that will get me what I want. It is little steps, a slow but forward moving process. 

Yes, I'd love to be going to school full time right now. That, among a million other things, is something I'd like to do right now.  I guess, at 35, I'm what you call a late bloomer as far as goals and education. Yet, I'm certain there is still plenty of "bloom" left here and I intend to make the most of it.

However, there is a little thing called responsibility along with priorities that I need to keep in mind.  I have two beautiful children that need my nurturing and guidance and they come first.  I can manage to take little steps. Maybe not college full time but I can certainly take a course or two to feed my mind and spirit.  

The main thing is not allowing myself to be overwhelmed by choices and all that I want to accomplish. Woman in general seem to want to do it all, and without any help (At least the ones I know, and you know who you are!).  The thing is, we cannot do everything at once and we do need help. We need to accept it, ask for it and possibly even hire it if necessary.

I'm going to share my plan for "Blooming" in 2011 but I certainly believe that the best move is to  learn from someone who has the knowledge you are seeking, find a mentor, Google, Read Blogs, Etsy forums- all are great resources.

So here goes:
  • Get my business in order. Accounting, taxes, spreadsheets. Create daily To Do lists along with long term goals.  Reach out, new shows, blog regularly (share what I learn with others) and schedule time to actually create without distraction. (My website
  • Be an awesome Mom! How? Well, do my best. Love, nurture and listen to my children.  Spend time with them without other distractions.
  • Generate some sort of income with my Jewelry Business or another form of employment.
  • Learn, educate myself to feed my mind in one way or another.
  • Make time to care for my physical needs- health, fitness.
  • Enjoy all of the little wonderful blessings I experience daily.

And that's enough for now. Blooming slowly but surely!

Now it's your time to share.  How will you "Bloom where your planted" in 2011?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Worms in Dirt

Worms in dirt?
That's correct. My children love visiting a local restaurant that offers this as a dessert choice.
I thought we'd try it out at home.  The kids enjoyed creating and eating them so I'm going to share it with you.  It's something fun to do with the kids on a rainy day or weekend.

All you need to get started is:
  • Chocolate pudding mix
  • Oreo type cookies (with filling scrapped out)
  • Gummy worms
  • Eager children to assist

 Ready to begin:

  • Prep cookies by removing filling and put them into a plastic zip bag. Use a rolling pin or cup on it's side to crush the cookies into dirt-like crumbs. 
  •  Layer bottom of individual serving containers with about 4 tablespoons of crumbs
  • Arrange 3-4 "worms" upright with tops hanging over side of container (you will want them to protrude out of the "dirt" a bit)
  • Prepare pudding according to directions on package
  • Pour pudding into each container until worms are at least halfway covered
  • Store in refrigerator until pudding cools
  • When cooled add more "dirt" as the top layer of the dessert with the tops of the "worms" just peeking through.
  • Serve and enjoy.
 This is just to give you an idea of what to do. Have fun and remember there is no "perfect" in this recipe and all that is really required is to have fun.  This yummy dessert is a bit messy so if you have a group of children it may be a good idea to eat outside or have plenty of napkins handy.
Hope you enjoyed this, we did.

    Friday, January 7, 2011

    Upcycle? Handcrafted and Thrift or Vintage Finds Working Together

    For the last couple of months I've been toting around a modern little red handbag I'd picked up for one dollar at a local thrift shop.  It's not a vintage bag, in fact it was new and unused.  I love the idea of handmade but it's hard to pass up such a bargain.  To make it "my own" I simply added a crocheted flower pin from a friend who has a shop on Etsy (Jennifer at to the front and it suits me perfectly:

    Jennifer also offers beautifully hand knitted scarves and accessories in her shop.

    With family in town over the weekend one of the things on the agenda (for the girls) was visiting some local thrift shops.  With sales over the new years weekend there was a fuss over the possibility of a well used piano at half off.  However, in the end I purchased for myself one item, the perfect Spring handbag- perfect after I'm finished with just a few simple additions to it.  A deal at fifty percent off of five dollars!
    Here it is before and already lovely for $2.50:

    And after (and just lovely to look at) here is the Spring 2011 bag I'll be sporting, embellished with two hand crafted buttons from my friend Ginny's shop ( :

     *Thanks to Micah, my 6 year old for snapping this last photo*
    Sew simple. Why not take a look at your handbag stash and see if you can freshen up an old bag with a new accessory...or two!
    Happy creating! ~Be sure to follow me by clicking "Follow" on the right of this page~
    Hand crafted Nature inspired jewelry at

    Thursday, September 30, 2010

    A Gluten Free Life

    When I had been advised by a Naturopathic practitioner to cut Gluten out of my diet I was not surprised.
    I'd long suspected it that it may be the source of many of my health complaints.

    Now that I've been mostly gluten free for over a year I can definitely feel the difference. Less pain, swelling, I can focus a bit better and have more energy.  I always "pay the price" when I allow myself to indulge in anything containing gluten.

    After the advise, I began consuming brown rice, quinoa and potatoes as a bread/pasta alternative.  It can get a bit boring especially at times when the family is enjoying pizza or pastries.  I've tried quite a few recipes and products to mix it up a bit.

    I'm not a big pasta person but try to have rice pasta on hand for the rare occasion I have a craving.  I also keep rice flour on hand (oat flour is great too if it does not bother you).

    I recently found pre-made Gluten Free pizza crust (frozen food section Henry's Market) and decided to give it a try.  I made myself and absolutely delicious pizza with mozzarella, feta, spinach, onions, tomato and olive oil. I'd suggest looking for GF pizza dough recipes online too.


    I tried rice lasagna noodles and made a gluten free lasagna that the whole family was able to enjoy.

    My favorite GF recipe was one I found online, Crepes!
    You can choose to add spices to your crepes depending on whether you'd like savory or desert crepes.
    I've made them more then once and like that I can make a batch and keep them in the refrigerator for lunches and snacks.  Filled with plain yogurt, agave nectar, blueberries and sprinkled with cinnamon is my favorite:

    Click here for link to Crepe Recipe on Kill The Gluten blog
    So, if your living a Gluten Free Lifestyle don't be afraid to try some new recipes. Search online, there are plenty of recipes that are worth trying.