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Friday, July 22, 2011

Disneyland on a Dime (Only in a Dream)

Our family just enjoyed three days of Disney fun at Disneyland and Disneyland California Adventure Parks in Anaheim, California.  The weather was perfect, neither too hot or too cold.  People were happy and friendly, for the most part. Our kids certainly did have a few melt downs due to fatigue.

I wanted to share a few things we really enjoyed and some of the things we would do differently on our next visit.

What we got right:
1) Disneyland Southern California Resident 3 day Park Hopper Tickets
2) Make use of "Fast Pass" feature in the park
2) Transit Passes
3) Inexpensive Accommodations

What we would do differently:
1) Motel room with a refrigerator, packing lunches (PB&J all the way).  We had a few snacks but sandwiches for the kids would of been a good choice.  Otherwise, eating out is easier and can be done wisely.  Skipping kids meals and sharing the larger portioned meals was most economical.
2) NO souvenirs, if any, until the last day! Make this a rule the children understand prior to first walking past the Disney Gate.
3) Refill your water bottles in the Disneyland drinking fountains, the water tastes great.  If you want ice, ask any store in Disneyland that has a soda fountain for a cup of ice and they will gladly give you one- free of charge.  We drank so much water and went through several expensive bottles.
4) If you have three days to play, it's okay to go back to the hotel for a 2 hour nap or just to let the kids rest up, clear their little minds of all the stimulation Disneyland provides.

And well, that is about it.  I'd never spent more than a day at Disneyland so this really was a treat for our family.

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