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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Seen & Heard Thursdays Quotes, Inspirations, Aspirations, Declarations

On Facebook, Twitter and speaking with friends, while reading I'm always running across statements and quotes that I feel are impressive or just so silly they make my day. 

I'm going to select one or two each day and share them for all to enjoy.  Here we go:

A Tea bag
"You can run after satisfaction, but satisfaction must come from within."
mommyniri/Nirasha on Twitter
"Here's the plan, pretend it is late, feed them and put them to bed. Don't any of you rat on me!" ~ GREAT PLAN!

 blogdangerously/Kit on Twitter
"I patted my husband's stomach asking "When is the baby due?" He patted my ass & asked, "Twins?" Then I slugged him for being twice as mean." ~ I would have done the same.

Wednesday On Facebook via Heather
"Note to self: Don't eat chili while watching "Bones". Eww." ~  Heather, I agree!

“To keep our balance, we must constantly shift” ~ Yeah, forgot where I read this...tea bag?
Susan on Facebook

"Is on a Mission.The magic leprechaun told me to follow the pink racehorse to the rainbow where the orange elephant is holding my skittles hostage!!!!" ~ Alrighty then!

Hope you enjoy!Stay tune for my next Week In Review  
and feel free to comment and share a favorite quote or something inspirational, amusing you heard this week: 

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