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Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Gluten Free Life

When I had been advised by a Naturopathic practitioner to cut Gluten out of my diet I was not surprised.
I'd long suspected it that it may be the source of many of my health complaints.

Now that I've been mostly gluten free for over a year I can definitely feel the difference. Less pain, swelling, I can focus a bit better and have more energy.  I always "pay the price" when I allow myself to indulge in anything containing gluten.

After the advise, I began consuming brown rice, quinoa and potatoes as a bread/pasta alternative.  It can get a bit boring especially at times when the family is enjoying pizza or pastries.  I've tried quite a few recipes and products to mix it up a bit.

I'm not a big pasta person but try to have rice pasta on hand for the rare occasion I have a craving.  I also keep rice flour on hand (oat flour is great too if it does not bother you).

I recently found pre-made Gluten Free pizza crust (frozen food section Henry's Market) and decided to give it a try.  I made myself and absolutely delicious pizza with mozzarella, feta, spinach, onions, tomato and olive oil. I'd suggest looking for GF pizza dough recipes online too.


I tried rice lasagna noodles and made a gluten free lasagna that the whole family was able to enjoy.

My favorite GF recipe was one I found online, Crepes!
You can choose to add spices to your crepes depending on whether you'd like savory or desert crepes.
I've made them more then once and like that I can make a batch and keep them in the refrigerator for lunches and snacks.  Filled with plain yogurt, agave nectar, blueberries and sprinkled with cinnamon is my favorite:

Click here for link to Crepe Recipe on Kill The Gluten blog
So, if your living a Gluten Free Lifestyle don't be afraid to try some new recipes. Search online, there are plenty of recipes that are worth trying.


Veelana said...

I'm glad that you found something that helps you!

We had my husband tested, but gluten wasn't hat was troubling him, aparently - But your recipes look so yummy! I think I'll try some anyway...

RainyDayArt said...

Those look really tasty, especially the pizza!