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Monday, February 21, 2011


 I had my day planned out.
Get the kids to school, coffee, check email, a bit of social media fun, pack my one order and then create!
 I did well until I got to the "and then create" part.
Some days I can completely dive in to a project and the ideas just keep coming.  On other days, like today, nothing. I stare and ponder and take several unnecessary breaks.
Well, if inspiration is not going to come to me I need to search it out.  So, I spent a bit of time looking at images of nature, jewelry (loved a beautiful gemstone necklace I saw on a model recently in pink, lavender and yellow) and things I love, beads I have in my inventory and pieces I've created before. Even furniture and fabric can inspire me to create a new piece. 
Nothing was finished today! However, tomorrow! Tomorrow, I plan on a breakthrough!
So, stay tuned (haha).
What obstacles do you find when trying to work at home? What do you do to keep focused, motivated, inspired? Please comment and share.


earlybird said...

My biggest obstacle is housework. I look around too much at "what needs to be done". My advice to you is to just start. The beginning project might not be the ideal but as the energy flows so will the inspiration. :)

Bead Flora and Jewels said...

a messy studio keeps me uninspired.

Elle said...

Obstacles? Definitely any and all of the distractions in the household. Deadlines can keep me focused, and just keeping an open mind to any inspiration helps with that.

ginny said...

I'm easily distracted from my good creating intentions, so I'm probably not a viable source of good advice on the topic LOL! I think I suffer from an underlying notion that I need to get everything non-fun done before I can take time to create --- crazy, because everything non-fun is never all caught up!

Kim said...

I have so many distractions but my priority are my kids. So everything that involves them has to come first. I find that constantly moving down the list keeps me on track and I find little time here and there to do bits and parts of the whole. It all comes together at the end :-) Power to you Kila! what an awesome blog! said...

Thank you for sharing! Housework definitely is distracting and I too feel the "non-fun" things must be accomplished first. I've been using the Daily Docket found here and it helps me keep on course somewhat:
These are great tips, keep them coming.