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Friday, January 7, 2011

Upcycle? Handcrafted and Thrift or Vintage Finds Working Together

For the last couple of months I've been toting around a modern little red handbag I'd picked up for one dollar at a local thrift shop.  It's not a vintage bag, in fact it was new and unused.  I love the idea of handmade but it's hard to pass up such a bargain.  To make it "my own" I simply added a crocheted flower pin from a friend who has a shop on Etsy (Jennifer at to the front and it suits me perfectly:

Jennifer also offers beautifully hand knitted scarves and accessories in her shop.

With family in town over the weekend one of the things on the agenda (for the girls) was visiting some local thrift shops.  With sales over the new years weekend there was a fuss over the possibility of a well used piano at half off.  However, in the end I purchased for myself one item, the perfect Spring handbag- perfect after I'm finished with just a few simple additions to it.  A deal at fifty percent off of five dollars!
Here it is before and already lovely for $2.50:

And after (and just lovely to look at) here is the Spring 2011 bag I'll be sporting, embellished with two hand crafted buttons from my friend Ginny's shop ( :

 *Thanks to Micah, my 6 year old for snapping this last photo*
Sew simple. Why not take a look at your handbag stash and see if you can freshen up an old bag with a new accessory...or two!
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ginny said...

Wow Kila, the buttons look awesome on your new bag!!! So cool, you have such a good eye for creative embellishments :D! Thanks for the mention sweetie ♥

Kim said...

Love the bags and the touches you've made on them! Love the flowers of IWunder and buttons of ginpins!! they make the bag really pop! great job Kila!

johnniebelinda said...

Sweet touches make all the differnce

Elle said...

Great idea on the embellishing!

LC said...

Very the floral buttons.

shannamichele said...

Love it! What an excellent idea.

jubilantwares said...

I love those bags. I am such a chicken when it comes to sewing...but I am tempted by those bags.....LIKE!!!!