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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Annual Flower Show April Event

This year I participated in Old Poway Parks (San Diego County, California) Annual Flower Show and Art Festival.  It was the first time I had an entire booth space to myself, tent and all.

Honestly prep for the booth was fun.  The main anxiety was caused by worrying that I had a good selection of pieces for shoppers to choose from.

Overall, it went really well.  It was a beautiful and very warm day.  Shoppers were few and I'm guessing had it been a bit busier it would of been wonderful as far as income but I do find it difficult to juggle multiple shoppers and sales transactions simultaneously.  I'd love feedback from my seasoned market participants on how they manage this with the least stress and the best level of attention to each client.  Feel free to share in the comments section!

I ordered a lovely and modest sized banner with my URL and business name but was not prepared to display it properly.  At the size I ordered it would of been best encased in a thin frame to hold it's shape (envision flapping in the wind) or (as my friend Sue suggested, and now I understand more clearly) printed vertically and placed on a freestanding frame and stand would of been better.

Otherwise, I felt well prepared and must thank my husband, David, for helping me with set up (putting up the heavy booth tent and setting up my tables).  He also took care of the kiddos, supplied lunch and drinks and even watched my stall for a bit so I could browse the other booths.  Those lovely handcrafted wood displays are also courtesy of him. Thank you, David! (and a little promo plug

My first two day event is coming up and I will only have two tables, possibly against a wall so my focus will be on display height to maximize my space.

All in all I'd say it was a successful market, a learning experience and I'm definitely looking forward to my next show in May. For event dates you can check out my Calender on my website at

Check out my fun photos including my neighbors, husband and wife partners Dennis and Leslie of DC Woodcrafts in Poway.  They have awesome handcrafted upcycled/recycled hardwood creations. 

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