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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday Faves and Finds

This Friday's Faves and Finds: Wall Art

Wall Art is a must in every home.  We surround ourselves by things we find beautiful, inspirational or have some sort of personal meaning to us.
Here are a few pieces I've found on Etsy that I love:

This piece by Jessica Grundy of SoloCosmo on Etsy caught my eye right away
and I think it is just beautiful

This acrylic piece by  Devika Keskar of DevikasArt on Etsy 
 is so vibrant and uplifting, I could envision this in our family room

I've always adored mermaids and anything with an ocean or beachy theme so 
I was immediately drawn to this piece by Shelby Leni of GreenBomb on Etsy
And I found some favorites among the nominated artists on last fridays finds which include
Bicycle Poetry by Jennifer Lommers of Jenlo262 on Etsy
Isn't this just lovely!
And a bit of inspiration with this print by Ginger Oliphant of GoingPlaces2 on Etsy
Search Etsy to find Wall Art to brighten up your home and likely your life!
Next weeks Friday Finds and Faves will be Fiber Art and Accessories. Feel free to nominate yourself or a favorite here in your comments!


shannamichele said...

I am on a quest for wall art myself. Got a brand new big ol' house with near bare walls! Thanks for showing some fab artists here for me to go check out!

shannamichele said...

I forgot to nominate! I love Porterness shop on etsy:

Devika said...

what fabulous finds! All so different yet beautiful..thanks so much for including my "RADIANCE" piece!
take care..

shelby said...

Thanks for including me. I love all the art that you have picked too. Bright and cheerful!


ginny said...

Nice feature Kila! I'm especially attracted to Shelby's mermaid! I'll be back with a suggestion for next week :D

ginny said...

I'd like to suggest this fiber artist for your next feature --- amazing work!