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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crochet Project #2 Scarf for Micah

My son, Micah, requested his own scarf and minute of fame on my blog.   I debated on whether or not to add fringe on a scarf for a boy.  However, Micah asked for fringe and so I consulted with several friends and decided to go ahead with it.  Apparently fringe for a male is a matter of taste.
This second attempt was much easier than my first, slightly less lop-sided. I used a larger hook and wider stitches.
The best part was seeing the pride my son had in wearing a scarf his "mamma" had made him!
Here are images of my second crochet project and more than willing model:


Elle said...

Adorable!! And the scarf is really great too! Are we going to see a new section in go2girl?

Leaf and Tendril said...

Your son is the perfect model for your beautiful scarf! I love that shade of blue.

Spontaneous Reality said...

Very cute, both your son and the scarf. Keep up the amazing work! =)